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levelup youth academy

Youth Arts at WAPI provides sober activities for under-served, under-privileged youth. Although we are a drug and alcohol treatment agency, we firmly believe that treatment is not only education for drugs and alcohol but it's also about providing alternative

activities and opportunities to engage in critical thinking. The youth we serve are primarily Asian Pacific Islanders and African American. Our program is designed for the youth to gain self-awareness, for each to tap in to their culture and give them a creative outlet for positive expression.

WAPI's music and arts program is like no other. Our teaching artists are from the very same community and have a background that is similar to our youth. This does not only make them relatable for the youth but it also provides us with the understanding of how to meet the youth at their own level, in their way of thinking and learning. 

Each of our programs run for 10-weeks and our curriculums evolve with the level of interaction and knowledge of our youth. Each session runs 1.5 hours, and can be taught 1-3 times each week. Programs can be combined (ie: Mondays – Urban Arts, Wednesdays – Music & Hip Hop, Thursdays – Poetry & Writing, Fridays – Beat Shop).